family album 2007.0525

From the family album of Laszlo and Sibyl Moholy-Nagy

photograph of their first daughter, Hattula, at age 6, in Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s Color in Transparency

This is what Sibyl wrote in her book Experiment in Totality
“Moholy was stunned by his daughter. For the first time in his life he forgot about himself. The baby’s reaction to light and sound, changes in color and movement, were revelations to him. He engaged in a running battle with a succession of nurses who objected violently to his disregard of schedule and routine. Whenever he could find time he continued a film started the day after his daughter’s birth. At midnight or at seven o’clock in the morning he attacked the bassinet with his camera or he carried the child into the snow or balanced her on a window sill to get better light and more interesting shadows. Hattula was the most recorded child in
Europe, and Moholy’s friends came to dread his inevitable reach into his breast-pocket for the laterst series of baby pictures.. It all came to a climax when I resumed my customary ‘open house’ gatherings.”